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We are entering a new phase of InSpire as we begin to develop a clearer picture of how these clubs operate. Soon we are likely to have more clubs - in Roanoke, Abingdon, and Radford - and it will become increasingly difficult for me to attend all of them. This is a good thing! We want each of these clubs to develop their own 'flavor', which is hard to do when they all have me as a common denominator. So we are about to embark on developing a guidebook and training for people who'd like to facilitate these meetings. We will use the InSchools Curriculum Guidebook as a starting point, and then customize it for InSpire. And we'll hold some facilitator training sessions later this summer. If you'd like to be a part of this process or have any suggestions you'd like to make, please let me know.


Service is a key aspect of any effective mindfulness practice, and InSpire was always intended to be oriented around mindfulness and service. One way in which we can serve (at least to begin with) is to participate in existing service projects. One such project is the Little River Clean-up, on Saturday, August 24. Like the hike, this would be a wonderful opportunity for members of all the clubs to come together for a morning of mindful activity. And, of course, many other possible service projects exist. Do you have a pet project you'd like to see us participate in? Would you like to join in the Little River Clean-up? Let me know - if there's enough interest in this, I'll register InSpire for it. If there are other ideas, I'd love to entertain them as well. Perhaps we could develop an InSpire service registry or something? Please, share your ideas with me.